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Psychiatrist Jobs & Careers: Join the Sterling Institute Team!

Join Sterling Institute, the premier multidisciplinary neuropsychiatric and mental health practice. Sterling Institute is recruiting compassionate and experienced psychiatrists in more than five states amidst rapid expansion. 

If you have expertise in general, child, adolescent, adult, and/or geriatric psychiatry, and if you are looking to explore telehealth and/or local opportunities, Sterling Institute offers a dynamic and supportive environment tailored to prioritize exceptional patient care and professional growth and development. 

Our telehealth services did not spring up de novo from Covid but are the natural outgrowth of a well-established multidisciplinary group private practice of the “old fashioned” kind: All our professionals have the same opportunity to work in a highly flexible, non-corporate fashion, with membership in our professional LLC an opportunity.

Sterling Institute Benefits for Psychiatrists:

Telehealth Dynamics

Experience the future of mental health with our telehealth services, offering new and follow-up appointments via fully HIPAA-compliant encrypted video chat or phone, based on patient preference and state requirements.


Our emphasis on team dynamics ensures that our professionals are always in sync, maximizing the benefits of our services and ensuring optimal patient care.

Independence and Opportunity

Practice in the style that suits you best, according to your schedule. Your compensation is determined solely by your choices; you are under no pressure to “produce”--you are, and are treated as, an independent professional. Be part of a practice that promotes growth and offers genuine ownership potential.

Minimum Requirements for Psychiatry Careers

Must be licensed in the respective states of service before commencing employment.
An unblemished track record emphasizing professionalism and ethical considerations in patient care.
Completion of all necessary residencies and fellowships related to psychiatry.

States Where Sterling Institute is Hiring Psychiatrists

As a leading name in neuropsychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and mental health care, Sterling Institute has openings in multiple locations with remote opportunities spanning multiple states.
Don't see your state listed? Contact us today to learn more about our nationwide psychiatry opportunities. 

What Sterling Offers Proudly


A competitive compensation percentage designed to reflect your dedication and expertise as a genuine partner with independent decision-making freedom.

Commitment to Ethics

Sterling Institute places immense value on ethical considerations. Our staff members are expected to uphold the highest standards, ensuring patient trust and service quality.

Freedom and Trust

No non-compete clauses as these directly compromise the treatment and interests of patients and are, in our view, not ethical

Are You a Psychiatrist Eager to Join Sterling’s Evolving Team?

Sterling Institute is on an impressive growth trajectory. If you're a dedicated psychiatrist, we'd love to hear from you. Kindly forward your resume, and our recruitment team will get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Psychiatrist Jobs at Sterling Institute

Sterling Institute offers a holistic approach to neuropsychiatric and psychotherapeutic care, blending evidence-based practices with advanced treatments, the freedom to practice in the style you choose, the opportunity for membership in a true private group practice, and a fulfilling career path for true professionals.
At Sterling, we have roles spanning general psychiatry, child & adolescent specializations, telehealth services, and more, meeting the diverse needs of our patient community.
We prioritize the professional growth of our psychiatrists, offering opportunities in cutting-edge research, including treatments like ketamine therapies and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and facilitating ongoing educational endeavors.
Sterling is at the forefront of telehealth services, providing remote psychiatric care to patients across various states, allowing flexibility for our professionals and accessibility for our patients.
Our commitment to ethics is unwavering, inviting only seasoned professionals with impeccable track records, ensuring the safety, trust, and well-being of our patient community. Our contracts do not include business restrictions that adversely affect patient care and freedom of choice.
Sterling Institute is expanding rapidly, with psychiatrist job opportunities primarily in states like CT, AZ, FL, MA, and MI, among others.
When you join Sterling, you become a highly valued associate with the potential, should you choose and are able, to become a genuine ownership partner in the practice. We do not believe in the currently popular model of commercialized, corporatized cookbook medicine. Our legacy is rooted both in standard and advanced treatments, with a priority on the discretion of our trained professionals, as well as a focus on therapeutic relationships and genuine continuity of care.
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