Kristen Sadana


(She/her) Dr. Sadana is board certified in adult psychiatry, and joined the Sterling Institute in 2017 following completion of residency in psychiatry at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, NY. Dr. Sadana, an eternal student of human behavior, attended New York University as an undergraduate. There, she studied anthropology, with a particular interest in cultural anthropology and behavioral ecology. Dr. Sadana worked as an intern at the American Museum of Natural History before deciding to change career paths and study medicine. Dr. Sadana graduated Magna Cum Laude from New York University and went on to complete her post-bacclaureate studies at Rutgers University, Newark. During this time, she worked in biological cancer research at the Garden State Cancer Center. While attending New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Sadana discovered that her flexibility of thinking, calm interpersonal style, and interest in human behavior was a perfect fit for the specialty of psychiatry.

Dr. Sadana served as Chief Resident at the Long-Term Inpatient Unit at Bronx Psychiatric Center, where she had the privilege of working with severely mentally ill patients on a process-focused unit. Throughout residency, Dr. Sadana cultivated a strong knowledge base in psychopharmacology and multiple psychotherapeutic modalities, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, transference-focused psychotherapy, and cognitive based psychotherapies. More recently, she has explored interests in Acceptance-Commitment Therapy and mindfulness practices.

Dr. Sadana has treated patients with depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, attention deficit disorders, mood disorders including bipolar illnesses and psychotic disorders. She particularly enjoys building a therapeutic alliance, forming long-term relationships with patients, and utilizing the combination of medication and psychotherapy, when appropriate, to foster healing.

Dr. Sadana is licensed to practice medicine in CT and NY.

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