Edie Snyderman


Edith (Edie) Snyderman LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker who brings decades of experience and expertise to Sterling Institute. Edie completed both a Master’s Degree in Social Work with a specialization in Geriatrics and a Master’s of Science degree in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Edie has spent many years working as both a medical and psychiatric social worker and has focused her attention on helping those who suffer from the effects of aging, adjustment problems, substance abuse, trauma and crisis, chronic physical illness, developmental challenges and chronic mental health problems. As a practicing clinician in both medical and mental health settings, Edie has also worked extensively with not only the client but the family and/or significant others knowing that negative interactions and relationships impact healing and recovery. Edie is able to help people address problems and work through difficult experiences and emotions while providing support, compassion and guidance. Edie is an effective problem solver and takes a practical approach in her treatment to find solutions with the goal of living a better quality of life. Edie uses her experience to influence positive outcomes and uses an eclectic variety of treatment approaches. Edie takes a humanistic approach to her practice by emphasizing human potential and self-discovery. She wants her clients to feel heard and valued, and to learn the skills they need to move past the obstacles that keep them stuck.

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