Why Neurostar TMS at Sterling Institute?

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For every branch of medicine there is an array of third-party vendors who manufacture medications and medical equipment. Sterling Institute professionals pay close attention to the fact that among these vendors, quality varies widely. Our medical experts have been providing TMS treatment since 2015 with direct experience of various equipment. There are about five companies worldwide who manufacture TMS equipment of high enough quality for us to have considered. Before settling on Neurostar as our medical partner and supplier, our team engaged in an exhaustive search to determine which company provided the highest quality product and service. In the end, we decided on Neurostar—even though from a financial perspective its cost to our practice is by far the highest.  (Reimbursement to us is essentially identical regardless of which vendor is used.)

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When you decide on TMS treatment at Sterling, you can be assured that your doctors have chosen what they consider the best possible option. Just as we encourage patients to ask about the results that do often differ from brand medications versus one-generic-to-another, from different manufacturers, we encourage you to inquire about our choice of Neurostar. And we also encourage you to provide us with feedback, positive or negative, about your experience.

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